My first red dress - OnlyUrs fashion^^

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I don't usually wear red or gowns for that matter but when I saw this particular piece at OnlyUrs, I was tempted to try it and I think it does make me look more lady like and slightly more mature.
I felt like a royal as I lounged around the beautiful hotel grounds of Devi Bhawan in Jodhpur in this pretty dress. I feel that it is difficult to find the right shade of red. By the right shade, I mean a red that flatters your skin tone. I think I have found mine. As for lip shades, I prefer a glossy cherry to red. and nails, I don't apply nail paint at all. Perhaps, I should start with a nice red this festive season.

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  1. So so pretty darling. You look amazing. I love this red dress


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  3. Lady in Red, I'm thinking about gifting it to my lady friend.

  4. The dress is very beautiful. Thinking about gifting it.