Hello Monsoon^^

Sunday, June 19, 2016

I was recently in Mumbai for a music related project and it was the perfect time to catch up with friends, new and old as we all awaited the monsoons to hit. I did get a glimpse of the first drizzle as soon as I got out of the station. Then it was back to being warm and humid but thankfully, a nice breeze in the evenings.
My new big floral printed dress by onlyurs fashion helped me through the hot day which soon turned dark and rainy. The happy floral prints - my favourite is poppies at the moment, and the butterflies brightened my day.  
Check out the beautiful white flat sandals which were a gift from Saeri.brand. 

Floral prints are trending again. The bigger the better. Loved this dress because it was light and airy - perfect to wear in Mumbai or anywhere else during the monsoon rains.

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  1. Gorgeous dress! Love the print. Gemma x