Only Yours August Special^^

Thursday, August 11, 2016

While I am not a fan of black, I do love lace and here is this black lace on skin two piece fishtail skirt and crop top set from that can instantly make you feel elegant and sensual at the same time. I wore it to an evening of music in Jodhpur. With my hair loosely set in a romantic flowy beehive and half worn down, it completed the look. I wore plain nude jootis to complete the look but you can't see them in these pictures. The location is one of my favourite places to stay - Devi Bhawan in Jodhpur. It's like a safe haven with beautiful greens, lovely staff and big palatial rooms all surrounded by nature.
Not much of a poser but the outfit made me feel like a beautiful princess, so here is me trying to model in graceful poses at pretty spots and precious antique pieces around Devi Bhawan, Jodhpur.

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